This article will detail how you can utilise the PDVC (Pay Doctor Via Cheque) scheme when processing a Medicare patient claim.

PDVC (Pay Doctor Via Cheque) is an option for Medicare Patient Claims only. It allows a patient to pay a partial amount or nothing and have the Medicare benefit amount be paid to the practitioner via a physical cheque mailed to the patient or claimant.

1. Add your service item to the invoice. Do not add a payment to the invoice at this stage.

2. Select the patient claim button.

3. In the Medipass popup that appears, scroll down the Service Items section and select Edit.

4. Select Show Optional Attributes.

5. Enter the patient's contribution in the field shown below.

6. You can proceed to submit the claim.

7. You'll reach the payment screen. Select Other if you're planning to accept the patient's contribution outside of Medipass i.e. via cash or your payment terminal.

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