To refund a payment to a patient, go to the Patient File > Invoices tab.

Click the Invoice number you need to Refund

Click Edit

Click Refund

Type in the amount to refund, either the full amount or a partial amount

Or click the Hand icon to refund the full amount

Type in a Reason for Refund

Choose how the Refund is to be given, either by Cash (from takings), Cash (other), Bank Transfer, EFTPOS, Credit Card or Tyro.

** Please note, with the Tyro Integration, Tyro will only be an option if the original payment was made via the Tyro Integration **

Click Next

Choose how you would like PracSuite to handle the Item Code after the refund has been applied.

There are one of four options:

  • None - Add refund amount to item balance - this makes the refunded item code outstanding.

  • Discount equivalent to refund amount - this discounts the fee to $0.00.

  • Write-Off equivalent to refund amount - this writes off the item code.

  • Manual adjustment - allows you the choice to manually choose what you would like to do.

In this situation, I'm going to choose Discount equivalent to refund amount.

Click Next

If the Item being refunded is a Stock Item, you will be given the option to return the item back into Stock.

Click Next

A confirmation window will show.

Click Confirm

Click Save to complete the refund

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