The Outstanding Invoices report allows you to issue invoices in bulk, including bulk printing and emailing functions. This report is generally used in practices that build up their owing invoices to send out weekly/fortnight/monthly, as well as to follow up overdue invoices in bulk.

To manage owing invoices, go to Reports > Billing > Outstanding Invoices

Start with selecting the invoice date range. This report can be used to print or email unissued invoices, as well as previously issued and overdue invoices. Set your filters appropriately.

Once you have set your filters, select Generate Report:

Owing invoices that match your filters are displayed in the results grid.

Mark the invoices you wish to issue with the checkboxes on the left-hand side.

Use the Process button to take the selected action as displayed in the grid. Use the drop-down menu in each row to override the action.

To print all selected invoices, select the Print button. To email all selected invoices, select Email.

After selecting Process, Print or Email, you will be given the option to send the selected invoices with their existing Invoice Date and Due Date. Select Process to action all emails with their existing dates.

Select Adjust Dates to update Invoice Dates and Due dates in bulk.

Note: You will need to factor any changes to invoice dates and due dates into your financial reporting processes. To assist you with this process, PracSuite billing reports include options to report by Invoice Date or Item Date.

Note: If your selection of invoices includes issued or overdue invoices, by default, these invoices will not be included in bulk date adjustments. If you want to update issued and overdue invoices, disabled the 'only update invoices that are not already issued' option.

Select Next to proceed to the next step.

There is one final confirmation prompt presented before invoices are automatically updated and printed or emailed based on your selections.

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