Tags can be added to patient files to track and report on custom attributes that can be both clinical and marketing in nature. Tags can be used as criteria when reporting.

First, Tags must be created through the Tag Settings.

To add a tag to the Patient's File > Tags tab and then click Add.

In the popup window, select the desired tag(s) to add to the patient file, then click Save.

The patient tags will be displayed on the Tags tab. Click Save to finalise your changes.

When using select reports, Tags can be used as filters for the report criteria. For example, when using the Client List, you can select Tags to filter your selection.

Tags can be included or excluded by selecting the appropriate checkbox.

Select Generate Report to create a list of all patients with the assigned tag.

The report has now been created. You can Export the report, Print the report, you can click Send Message to send an email or SMS to the patients, you can add a Tag in bulk to the patients and you can click Mailchimp which allows you to add Mailchimp Tags for use within Mailchimp.

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