The Day List report can be used to print a list of appointments with various grouping options. These include:

  • Grouping by Practitioner (with the option to print a separate page per practitioner and include empty timeslots)

  • Grouping by Date (with the option to print a separate page per day)

  • Grouping by Resource

It's also possible to adjust inclusions on the printout:

  • Notes

  • Group Appointments

  • Appointment Notes

  • Resources

  • File Numbers

  • Patient Warnings

Go to Reports > Appointments > Day List

The following will appear:

After choosing your filters, select the Generate Report button.

Select the Print Preview button.

At the top of the report, you'll find the Print option.

If you often choose a complex set of filters, note that you can use the Save Filters option to store these filters for the next time you need to run the Day List.

Give you filter preset a name:

Next time you run the report, head to the Load Filters button and select your filter preset in the list.

This will automatically set your chosen filters so that you can move onto generating the report.

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