The Statement Report allows you to generate and print/email statements in bulk. Statements are a summary of invoices.

Go to Reports > Billing > Statements

Start with selecting the invoice date range. This report can be used to print or email a statement that includes invoices that are issued, overdue or paid depending on the filters you select.

If you want to include a copy of the invoices along with the Statement page, check Include invoice copies.

You also have the option to Include unallocated payments and to Print itemised invoices on statements.

Once you have set your filters, select Generate Report.

The results will display a line for each patient per account and per business.

Select the accounts you wish to issue a statement for with the checkboxes on the left-hand side.

Use the Process button to take the selected action as displayed in the grid. Use the drop-down menu in each row to override the action.

To print all selected statements, select the Print button. To email all selected statements, select Email.

After selecting Process, Print or Email, you will be given the option to send the selected statements with the default email template or specify which email template to use. The default email template is set by going to Settings > Businesses > Businesses > selecting a business > select Edit and by scrolling down to the Default Email Templates section. If no Default template is set, it will use the PracSuite default.

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