A Statement is a summary of invoices that can be easier to digest than providing a third-party payer with a stack of individual invoices.

To print or email a statement to a third-party payer go to the payer's Invoices tab and select Statement at the top.

Start with selecting the invoice date range. This report can be used to print or email a statement that includes invoices that are issued, overdue or paid depending on the filters you select.

You must select a single Business to generate a Statement from the third-party payer's file.

If you want to include a copy of the invoices along with the Statement page, check Include invoice copies.

You also have the option to Include unallocated payments and to Print itemised invoices on statements.

Once you have set your filters, select Find Invoices.

The results are displayed in a grid detailing each invoice.

Select the invoices you wish to include in the statement with the checkboxes on the left-hand side.

The button above the grid will be based on the third-party payer's default method of receiving invoices either Save & Email, Save & Print or Save, Print & Email. Select the button to perform the action or use the dropdown to select another delivery method to generate the statement.

The statement you have generated can be reprinted from the Statements tab on the third party payer's file under invoices.

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