Configuring Item Codes to enable Health Fund Claiming

For an Item Code to be claimed through Tyro Healthpoint, it must first be enabled as a Health Fund Item.

Go to Settings > Billing > Item Codes.

From your list of available Item Codes, click on an item to open its settings.

Click Edit and under the Claiming Options enable the Health Fund Item option.

If required, an Override Code can be entered if you need to submit a different code to Tyro Healthpoint when processing a claim. This is only necessary if your Item Code is not a valid Healthpoint code already.

Patient Health Fund Setup

A patient’s Health Fund Information can be entered pre-emptively on the patient file, so it is ready for use with Healthpoint claiming at the time of invoicing. This information is entered on the Patient Details tab of the patient file.

To enter the details, click Edit and under the Health Fund & Benefits section, select the patient’s Health Fund and then enter a:

  • Member Number (Membership number)

  • ID (patient’s number on the card)

  • Card No. (the issued card number, if applicable).

If these details have not already been entered into the patient file, you will be prompted to enter a Member No. and Member ID when attempting to submit a claim.

Submitting a Health Fund Claim

When creating an invoice and adding Health Fund claimable Item Codes, the Tyro button will appear with the option to submit a health fund claim.

After choosing which terminal to send the claim to, select the Health Fund Claim button. The Tyro popup will appear requesting you to swipe the patient's health fund card.

After following the prompts in the Tyro popup, you'll receive a response. If the claim has been paid, you can accept the response.

The Health Fund benefit will automatically be added to the invoice and a popup advising the outstanding gap (balance) will be displayed.

Payment for the gap amount (if applicable) can then be processed. Click here for information on how to process a card payment via the Tyro integration.

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