Fee Adjustments can be used to update the Fees, Discounts and Rebates of multiple item codes at once. This can be used to change the fee, discount and rebate amounts by a percentage or fixed value. Users can also make manual adjustments as required, along with changing which item codes are GST inclusive.

Go to Settings > Billing > Fee Adjustments.

Click New Fee Adjustment to create an adjustment.

Enter a Description for this Fee Adjustment, such as 'July Increase 202X'

Next select an appropriate Adjustment Type, which can be:

  • Percentage Increase

  • Percentage Decrease

  • Fixed Increase

  • Fixed Decrease

  • Manual

The 'percentage' types will apply a percentage increase or decrease across all the selected items, whereas the 'fixed' options will apply a fixed amount increase or decrease. The 'manual' type will not apply any adjustment automatically, and will rely on the user to adjust each fee in the grid results (after previewing).

With the Adjustment Type selected, enter an Amount and select whether to apply this adjustment to the item code's Fees, Discounts or Rebates.

In this example we are going to do a Percentage Increase of 15% and apply this to our Fees:

Users can set the Item and Fee Category filters to only apply the adjustment to specific Item Codes or Fee Categories. In this case we are only going to apply the 15% increase to items in the 'Service' schedule, and only for the Private, Family and Concession fee categories.

There are additional 'Display' options available, if the user doesn't want to see unnecessary columns in the results. There are also additional 'Options' including:

  • Round to nearest 5 cents, 10 cents, 50 cents, or dollar
    This is only available when applying a percentage increase, and allows users to specify rounding for the adjustment.

  • Apply adjustments to $0.00 amounts
    Many users intentionally set fees at $0.00 for unrelated Fee Categories within an Item Code. For example, if an item is only being sold to 'Medicare' patients they may have intentionally left the fee at $0.00 for all other patient categories. This option determines whether the adjustment is applied to Fee Categories with a $0.00 amount, and is off by default.

  • Include Inactive Item Codes
    Applies the adjustment to inactive item codes.

With the appropriate Filters and Options selected, click Preview Fees to continue. This will not immediately apply the fee adjustment to the selected item codes, but will instead generate a list of changes for the user to review.

Carefully review the changes displayed in the grid results, which details the updated Fees, Discounts and Rebates alongside the current values.

If required, users can make further changes manually by directly typing into the grid results below. You can also adjust whether an item is GST inclusive.

After reviewing the adjusted fees, use the Save & Process button to make this change immediately. Otherwise use the drop-down if you'd like to Save as Draft or Save & Schedule:

  • Save as Draft will save this Fee Adjustment for another time, where it can be re-opened and adjusted further before being processed (or scheduled).

  • Save & Schedule will allow the user to specify a date on which these fee changes will take effect.

Before any fee adjustment is processed or scheduled, a pop-up will appear for users to confirm. This will require users to type specific text before continuing to prevent accidental processing of fee adjustments.

Please be aware that Fee adjustments cannot be reversed once processed.

Once the Fee Adjustment has been saved or processed, it will appear in the main 'Fee Adjustments' screen (Settings > Billing > Fee Adjustments).

Users can click on any Fee Adjustment in this list to re-open the full adjustment. If the Fee Adjustment has yet to be processed (i.e. it is a draft or scheduled) the user can make further changes as needed.

As noted above, please proceed with caution and ensure you have reviewed all adjustments thoroughly prior to processing. Changes cannot be reversed once processed.

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