Creating a Business

Set up additional practice locations and business entities in your system

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Businesses in PracSuite can be used to set up additional practice locations and other business entities that are working in your PracSuite account.

2. Select the 'Add' Button to create a new Business

3. Customise the following business information:

  • Business Name

  • Address

  • Website

  • Display name (a short name used throughout PracSuite)

  • Phone, fax and email

  • Logo

4. Customise your banking details

Select your Settlement Account and enter your Business Registration Number, such as an ABN or ACN.

5. Customise the appearance of the Appointment Book for this Business

Select the Start Time, End Time, Interval and which days to enable for the Appointment Book at this Business.

6. Select your preferred method of assigning a Default Practitioner to new patient files.

  • No default practitioner

  • Randomly assign default practitioner

  • Round Robin - default practitioner will be assigned in a rotating order

7. Upload your invoice header (optional)

Upload an invoice header to personalise your invoices. If you choose not to upload an invoice header, your Business details will be included on the invoice in plain text.

  • This logo will appear on the top-right hand corner of invoices and reports. We recommend that items on the image are right-aligned

  • Include all contact information including Practice Name, address, phone number, ABN, email and web address.

  • Compatible image types include SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), JPG and PNG. SVG strongly recommended due to small size and high quality.

  • Recommended width/height ratio 5:1 (width:height)

8. Choose Invoice Payment Print Options

Select which payment methods to list at the bottom of invoices for this Business.

9. Customise Invoice Terms & Conditions

Select the terms and conditions to list at the bottom of Invoices, Overdue Invoice and Receipts.

10. Select Outbound Email Settings

Customise the default sender email address and sender name for emails sent from PracSuite. You also have the option to override the sender email address and sender name for bulk communication emails, Invoice/Statements, Appointment Confirmations & Reminders and Email via Reports for this Business.

11. Select Default Email Templates

Customise the email templates when sending Patient Emails and Third Party Emails, such as for general emails, invoices, payment receipts, invoices paid in full, statements and quotes.

12. Select Save at the top of the page to save your new Business.

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