Creating a Practitioner File
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Practitioner Files are the foundation of being able to book appointments, raise invoices and create clinical notes in PracSuite. They contain practitioner contact details, provider numbers, rosters and individual preferences.

1. Go to Settings > Practitioners > Practitioners and select the 'Add' button

2. Enter the practitioner's details

3. Add the Businesses that this practitioner will be working at to their practitioner file

Click the 'Add' button to add multiple businesses/locations to this practitioner's file.

If the practitioner requires multiple columns on the appointment book, enter the desired number of columns. You can also choose to override the appointment book intervals if the practitioner books appointments at different intervals than the main business.

4. Add the Professions that this practitioner works in

Customise the Professional Title and Qualifications as required.

5. Enter the provider numbers for all Businesses and Professions for this practitioner

6. Add the practitioner's roster

Select the roster that applies to this practitioner. The roster start and end date can be customised to note a change in the practitioner's roster. Learn more about creating a roster.

7. Assign the practitioner file to the user account

The final step is to link the practitioner file to their PracSuite user account.

Select the practitioner's user profile.

In the Database Access section, enable the 'User is a practitioner' option and select their practitioner file in the dropdown list.

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