iCalendar (iCal) integration allows appointments in PracSuite to display within external calendar apps on smartphones as well as in applications like Microsoft Outlook and Apple Calendar.

An example on an iPhone

Follow the instructions below to enable iCalendar integration.

1. Go to Settings Practitioners

2. Click on a practitioner to configure their iCalendar settings.

3. Click Edit

4. In the Businesses section, tick the iCalendar checkbox to enable the iCalendar feed for the business. If a practitioner works at multiple businesses, iCalendar will need to be enabled for each business.

5. The practitioner's iCalendar URL will be displayed.

You can choose the range of appointments to sync, as well as if client phone numbers, addresses, patient notes and patient warnings should be included in the appointment details section in your external calendar app.

6. Click Save to finalise your changes.

7. Subscribing to your iCalendar feed

Once you've saved the iCalendar integration settings, the next step is to subscribe to the iCalendar URL on your device.

Clicking on the URL itself in the above window will open the iCalendar feed in the default calendar app on your device. You can also choose to copy the URL or email the URL to yourself, which can be helpful if you need to access the URL on another device like your smartphone.

Most devices will support simply clicking the iCalendar URL, which will direct you to your calendar app to subscribe. If your device doesn't support clicking the URL directly, you will need to manually copy the URL and set it up in your preferred calendar application.

Setting up iCalendar on iPhone

After clicking on the iCalendar URL on iOS, you should see the following prompt to subscribe to your PracSuite appointment feed in the Calendar app.

Setting up iCalendar in Outlook

When clicking the iCalendar URL in Windows, you will be prompted to open the link in Outlook.

You will then get a pop-up for your Windows username and password to confirm that you want to add a web calendar for Outlook. You may need to contact your IT System Administrator if you do not have the required level of Windows access.

Once entered, select 'Yes' to subscribe to the calendar.

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