This article will explain how to manage online booking availability for practitioners that have multiple appointment book columns. Information for practitioners with a single appointment book column can be found here.

Practitioners using multiple appointment book columns often do not want online bookings appearing in all columns. Instead, they may only permit online bookings in select columns, which can be managed by adding Rules and Roster Overrides to the practitioner's Roster.

Using Roster Overrides to make columns unavailable

If a practitioner never wants to see online bookings in a particular column, the simplest way to prevent online bookings is to add a Roster Override.

Go to Settings > Practitioners > Rosters

Click on the Roster you wish to edit and scroll to Roster Overrides. Select Add Override to create a new rule or select an existing override from the list.

In the below example, we have created an override that occurs every working day and covers all opening hours. Under the Column header, we have selected column 2 and deselected the Online Booking option.

With this override in place, no online bookings will ever occur in column 2.

Using Rules to make columns unavailable

If a practitioner is happy to permit online bookings in multiple columns, but only at particular times of the day, Rules should be added to the appropriate day on the Roster.

When adding Rules to a Roster, use the column dropdown to select which Columns the rule applies to e.g. All columns, column 1 or column 2.

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