The Treatment Plan feature allows you to track the total number or value (cost) of consultations with a patient within a set date range. This is particularly useful when dealing with third-party payers that approve a certain number of treatments, such as Medicare Chronic Disease Management plans (formally known as Extended Primary Care plans).

To create a Treatment Plan, go to the Patients File > Accounts > Edit

In the Treatment Plans section click Add.

You can select by type: Number, Number by Distinct Day and Value.

Here is an example of an EPC Treatment Plan. Five visits have been allocated and an alert will trigger after the fourth visit.

The patient may have multiple Treatment Plans on file, however only one can be active at a time.

In other examples, you can see that $3,000 has been allocated to the Patient and an alert will prompt after $2,100 has been used.

Click Save to finalise your changes.

The current status of treatment plans will be displayed on the Accounts tab like so:

Treatment Plan Alerts are displayed during the Invoicing process once the alert trigger is reached, or when the Treatment Plan is within one month of expiry.

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