Typing a question mark (?) into the search box or selecting the 'i Search Tips' button reveals tips for advanced searches in PracSuite.

  • To search for a client name, preferred name or surname just start typing.

  • To search for a specific surname and first or preferred name use a comma between search fields as follows: surname, first or preferred name

  • To search for a client file number, phone number or DOB just type your search as follows: 2/11/1975 or 83612666

  • For advanced search start your search with the following descriptors including the colon.

CLI: general client search

CLIS: client last name

CLIN: client first name

CLIP: client preferred name

CLIA: client address

CLIPH: client phone

CLIE: client email

CLIDOB: client date of birth

CLIF: client file number

CLAIMNO: client's account claim number

CLIID: client's account client ID

NDIS: client's NDIS number

REF: Referrer

ORG: Organisation

PAY: Payer

MAR: Marketing Source

SP: Supplier

INV: Invoice

QUO: Quote

STA: statement

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