Appointment Book Day Notes & Reminders allow you to store text-based information for your team on the left-hand side of the appointment book.

  • Day Notes are specific to each day

  • Reminders are displayed regardless of what day is selected

To access Day Notes & Reminders, select the Note icon in the bottom left of the Appointment Book.

To edit Day Note or Reminders, click into each field and add or edit the text as required.

Select Save to finalise your changes.

In a multi-business environment, these fields can be managed per business, with a shared All Businesses option also available.

Use the drop-down list above Day Notes to view Day Notes and Reminders for a particular business.

The Day Notes & Reminders displayed can change based on the Business selected in the top right of the Appointment Book, or can stay as the last selected Business on above the Day Notes field.

To set your preference, select the settings cog in the bottom left of the Appointment Book and choose your Day Notes Default Business preference.

When a user attempts to save Day Notes or Reminders that have since been edited by another user, a prompt will appear asking whether to proceed with overwriting the last saved changes or to cancel the attempt to save changes.

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