This article discusses the management of stock in PracSuite, including how to perform Stock Adjustments and report on Stock Levels.

Stock Adjustments

To perform a Stock Adjustment go to Reports > Billing > Stock Adjustments.

Click New Adjustment.

Select the Date, Time and Business this adjustment is being made for.

Choose the Type of adjustment. There are 3 options available:

  1. Adjustment
    This is used to adjust the level of stock available without making a sale. This is commonly used to decrease stock levels when products are lost, broken or expired.

  2. Arrival
    When new stock has been purchased and arrives at the business, an Arrival entry should be added to represent the additional stock received.

  3. Stocktake
    A stocktake needs to be completed for all new stock items, but it is otherwise recommended to perform a stocktake yearly to maintain accurate stock levels.

In the Items section, click Add to select which items you are performing the adjustment against.

On each item added, enter the details of the adjustment.

Click Save.

The Stock Adjustment will now appear in the main list for referencing.

Stock Levels Report

The Stock Levels report is used to detail the current level of stock held at each business for any stock items entered into PracSuite. Please note that this report will only show items that have completed a stocktake, otherwise we cannot calculate current levels.

Go to to Reports > Billing > Stock Levels.

Several filters are available to report on different information related to stock.

There are two main report Types available:

  1. Stock Levels
    This report type will detail the current level of all stock items in PracSuite.

  2. Stock Order
    This report type will detail of all the stock items that are below the 'minimum' level specified, and indicate which items should be ordered to maintain the desired stock availability.

The filters available include:

  • Supplier - Report only on items sourced from a specific supplier.

  • Settlement Account / Business - Report only on items offered at particular businesses or under specific settlement accounts.

  • Item - Report only on specific items or item groups.

  • Include archived item codes - Include archived item codes in the report results.

  • Include stock notes - Show stock notes in the report results.

Click Generate Report.

Depending on the Type of report generated, the requested information will display in the grid below.

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