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Saving Report Filters
Saving Report Filters
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PracSuite allows you to save your preferred report filters. This can be very useful if you regularly run reports with lots of filter combinations and also allows you to select your favourite filter preset to automatically apply when you first access a report.

The Save Filters and Load Filters options can be found at the top of all reports.

To Save Filters, start with applying all your preferred filters to the report. When you're ready, select the Save Filters button.

Choose a name for your saved filters and select Save.

Next time you need to run the report, select Load Filters.

Hover over a Filter Preset and select the star icon to set as your favourite which will automatically apply the next time you go into the report.

To load a Filter Preset, select which set of saved filters you'd like to apply.

Once you've selected your saved filters, you can generate the report.

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