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Adding a Weather Widget
Adding a Weather Widget

View current weather and the week's forecast on your home screen

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PracSuite allows you to add a Weather widget to your home screen for quick insights into the current temperature and the upcoming week's weather forecast.

On your home screen, select the Customise button on the top right.

Select, drag and drop the Weather widget to an available space.

Search for your location. Note that you will need to type the full name of your location. Once you see the location you are looking for, select it.

You can set the Unit of Measurement as either Metric or Imperial.

Once your location and unit of measurement are set, select OK to finish adding the widget.

The widget will resize and be responsive based on where you place the widget on your home screen. Examples of the different views are below:

Want the weather to follow you around the PracSuite application? You can also embed it onto your menu bar.

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