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Pairing a Tyro Terminal
Pairing a Tyro Terminal
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To add and pair a Tyro terminal with PracSuite, go to Settings > Integrations > Tyro.

Click the Add button within the Terminals section.

This will take you to a new page to enter the Terminal Name, Terminal ID and Merchant ID of the Tyro terminal. A Business must also be selected, which represents the businesses that will use this terminal.

If required, Merchant ID Overrides can also be configured to allow different Merchant ID’s to be used for practitioners and businesses.

Once you’re the details of your Tyro terminal have been entered, click Pair & Save.

Completing the Pairing Process

Follow the instructions in order to complete the pairing process.

Assuming you have entered the correct details and follow the above steps correctly, your terminal should now be paired with PracSuite.

General Settings

Upon returning to the Tyro settings page, navigate to the Professions section and select an appropriate Tyro Healthpoint Profession for each of the professions in your PracSuite system.

If required, Healthpoint claiming via Tyro can be disabled for specific practitioners. This is recommended if you are in a multi-practitioner environment where some practitioners are unable to claim a private health fund rebate.

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