Patients who have made an online payment for their upcoming appointment may later cancel that appointment, which could require your to refund all or part of their payment.

When an appointment is cancelled online by the patient, the following alert will be displayed if a payment was processed at the time of booking.

Upon clicking this alert the Appointment Cancelled window will appear, offering details of the cancelled appointment and any online payments received.

In the bottom-right of this window is an area titled Action for Remaining Payment and Invoice. This is where you can decide what action to take for the invoice and payment associated with the cancelled appointment.

The Invoice and Payment can be actioned separately. For the invoice you can choose whether to leave the invoice on the patient file, or delete the invoice entirely.

For the payment you can choose to leave the payment in place on the invoice, make the payment unallocated, or refund the payment in PracSuite.

When refunding the payment in PracSuite, the user must select the refund method, date and business to be recorded.

By default, the refund method will be set to Credit Card and will automatically process a refund via Medipass.

Note: If an appointment is cancelled on the same day as the original payment, Medipass will not offer to refund the payment as the funds have not yet been settled. Instead, this will result in a payment 'cancellation' and no refund will be recorded in PracSuite. For more information on the Medipass refund process click here.

If you do not choose to refund the patient via Medipass, PracSuite will not return the payment to the patient automatically. You must ensure that the patient is appropriately refunded.

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