The NDIS Bulk Export Report is used to create CSV exports that can be uploaded directly to the NDIA for payment via the myplace provider portal. Once payment has been made to you by the NDIA, you can pay off the items included in exports in bulk

Creating a New Bulk Export

Go to Reports > Integrations > NDIS Bulk Export Report.

Select the New Bulk Export button.

The filters should be used to narrow which billed NDIS items should be included on the export. By default, items already included on previous NDIS Bulk Exports will be excluded.

After applying your filters, select the Find Items button at the top of the report.

Once the results are generated, select Save & Download, which will download a CSV file in the required format.

The CSV file can then be uploaded via the NDIA myplace provider portal. More information on this process is available via the NDIS website.

Managing Existing Bulk Exports

All exports created using the NDIS Bulk Export report will be saved and can be downloaded again if required. To view previous exports, go to the main report page and apply your desired filters.

A list of previous exports will be displayed, which you can export, delete or pay off in bulk.

The final step in this process is paying off the items included in an export once payment is made by the NDIA. Information regarding paying off exports in bulk can be found here.

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