The NDIS Bulk Export Report is used to pay off items included in an NDIS CSV export in bulk.

Go to Reports > Integrations > NDIS Bulk Export.

Use the filters to search for previously generated exports that you wish to pay off.

In the grid of results, select the export that you wish to pay off and select the Payment button. Only one export can be paid at a time.

Group Cheques and Group Bank Transfers are the only supported payment methods for NDIS exports.

By default, the payment entered will be set to auto allocate i.e. paying off the oldest item to the newest item. Use the edit button next to the allocation dropdown if you wish to manually select which items to pay off.

In the popup window that appears, you'll be able to allocate the payment to specific invoices or specific items.

Use the Save button to finalise paying off the export.

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