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Clinical Notes Quick Buttons
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Quick Buttons allow you to speed through your clinical notes by clicking/tapping buttons to output commonly used phrases and paragraphs without having to manually type it each time. The output text can be simple phrases, richly formatted text (with images) and can dynamically insert patient data using merge fields. Quick Buttons can be especially useful for PracSuite users with touch screens/tablet devices.

Setting Up Quick Buttons

Go to Settings > Clinical Notes > Quick Buttons and select Add Button Set to create a collection of Quick Buttons.

After naming your Quick Button Set, type in a Label for the button that will be displayed within clinical notes. You can choose to type in a simple plain text output or tick the Rich Text box to bring up the rich text editor.

The Insert Fields button at the top allows you to auto-populate information from your client's file or the logged-in user/practitioner.

You can also change the colour of the button to quickly spot commonly used or important buttons.

Use the Add Button button to keep creating more buttons and then select Save at the top when you are done.

Reordering and Hiding Quick Button Sets

If you have multiple Quick Button Sets you can reorder them on the Quick Buttons settings page. Select Edit and then use the drag handles to reposition them. Note that this changes the order for all users so it is important to discuss the preferred order as a team.

You can also edit the Access level to define who can see the Quick Button Set. This would allow you to hide certain sets that you will never use.

Using Quick Buttons

While writing a Clinical Note, select Show Quick Buttons and you will see your Quick Buttons on the right (or below on smaller screens).

Select a Quick Button Set to view their buttons and use the arrow buttons to scroll through sets if you have created multiple sets.

Selecting a quick button will insert your text wherever the cursor was last so that as you are typing you can select a Quick button and the text will instantly appear in your clinical note!

If your cursor isn't already in a text field, you will see a notification in the top right advising that the next text field you select will add your Quick Button text.

💡 If you also have Show History enabled, you can use the handlebar to adjust the space provided for Quick Buttons and History.

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