PracSuite Email Gateway

When sending emails from PracSuite, they will be sent through the PracSuite Email Gateway by default, which suits the needs of the majority of PracSuite users. The main benefits of this system include no complex setup and being able to see delivery status directly within PracSuite.

Emails sent from the PracSuite Email Gateway appear as if they have been sent from your email address, though the underlying sender email address will be We refer to this as your PracSuite Email Sender ID, which can be located in Settings > General > General.

Your patients generally won't notice any difference when you send them an email through the PracSuite Email Gateway compared to sending an email through your regular email application.

Google Gmail and Microsoft Outlook/Office 365 Integrations

As an alternative to using the PracSuite Email Gateway, it is possible to integrate your Gmail or Outlook account with PracSuite. A key benefit of these integrations is that sent emails will appear in the Sent folder of the Gmail/Outlook account and there is generally no trace of PracSuite in the email. A disadvantage compared to the PracSuite Email Gateway is that PracSuite is unable to receive information regarding an email being delivered or failed, so emails will only appear as Sent in the Messages tab of Patient and Payer files.

You can learn more about configuring these integrations in the articles below:

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