In PracSuite, each patient Account can be linked to a Third Party Payer for invoicing purposes. When linked to a Third Party Payer, any invoices created on that patient account will be billed to the third-party instead of the patient themselves.

When patients are first created they will have a 'PRIMARY' account, which is typically used for private billing (i.e. the patient is paying). To invoice to a third-party, we recommend you create a new account to store all third-party invoices. For more information on creating Accounts, please see this article.

In this example we have created a new account called 'WORK COVER'.

By default the account is created with a Billing Type of 'Private'.

Click Edit to make changes to this account.

Under the Billing Type drop-down, change the account type from Private to Third-Party.

In the Bill To section, select the desired Third Party Payer.

Note: If the Third Party Payer does not already exist, hovering over this field will display a '+' icon that allows a third-party to be created.

Click Save.

Success! You have successfully linked a patient Account to a Third Party Payer.

All invoices created on this account will now be addressed to the third-party, and will also appear on the Third Party Payer file (Contacts > Third-Party Payers) where they can be centrally managed.

Please note this account will follow the invoice preferences of the Third Party Payer, which includes whether you wish to 'Add to last open invoice by default' and 'Include multiple patients on the same invoice'. For more information on adjusting these invoicing preferences, which typically depends on the third-parties requirements, please see this article.

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