The Notice Board Widget can be added to your home screen to publish announcements for staff members, such as welcoming a new staff member and notifying staff of after-hour gatherings.

To add the Notice Board Widget, click the PracSuite logo or the home icon in the top left of PracSuite.

Click Customise in the top right of PracSuite.

The following options will appear:

Drag and Drop the Notice Board Widget into a section below that says 'Drop Here'

The Notice Board will now appear on your home screen:

To Add a New Post

To add a new post, hover over the Notice Board and click the '+' symbol

The new post window will appear:

Add a Description for your note

You can either use plain text by typing directly into the Note section

Or you can tick Rich Text Mode

This gives you the ability to stylise your text.

You can change the Background Colour of the note as well as the Description Colour too.

Once done, click Save.

Your post will now be added to the Notice Board.

To Edit an Existing Post

Hover over the post you wish to edit and click the Pencil Icon

To Pin an Existing Post

Hover over the post you wish to pin and click the Pin Icon.

To Delete an Existing Post

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