An Item Code Schedule is used to categorise Item Codes, for example, to separate Service and Stock/Inventory item codes. Item Codes can only belong to a single Schedule. To add Item Codes into multiple groups for the purpose of reporting, see Item Code Groups.

1. Go to Settings > Billing > Schedules

All PracSuite systems include Service and Non-service schedules, which can be used to separate Item Codes for services from stock items.

2. To create a new Schedule, select 'Edit' and then select the 'Add' button at the top of the page.

3. Enter the name of the schedule.

4. If you only want to display the Schedule and the item codes it contains for practitioners in a particular profession, you can also select a profession from the drop-down list. When billing, the item code drop-down list will only display Schedules that are relevant based on the practitioner's profession.

5. You can also use the drag handle on the left-hand side to reorder the schedules, which will show in item code lists across PracSuite.

6. Schedules can be assigned to Item Codes in Settings > Billing > Item Codes

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