Two-factor authentication (2FA) provides an additional layer of security when logging into PracSuite by requiring users to enter a 6 digit code in addition to their email address and password. Two-factor authentication is mandatory for PracSuite users.

PracSuite users have the choice of obtaining their two-factor codes from apps available on smartphones and computers, as well as physical token generators available for sale.

2FA Token Apps

2FA codes are commonly generated using authenticator apps available across all platforms including:

PracSuite Security Tokens

As an alternative to app-based authenticators that require smartphones or computers, Smartsoft also offers physical token generators for sale.

These physical security tokens are suited to practice environments where 2FA authenticator apps cannot be installed on users' personal devices, or the use of personal devices is not permitted. Due to the physical nature of these tokens, they can be located at a particular workstation to limit access to PracSuite from where the token is located.

PracSuite Security Tokens are available for a once-off fee of $22 + $11 Express Shipping (costs include GST). Click here to purchase PracSuite Security Tokens via our website.

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