Creating Email Templates
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2. You can create folders to store and categorise your Email Templates. Click Edit.

3. Click Add Folder to create a new Email Template Folder.

4. Click Save.

5. Click Add Template to create a New Email Template.

6. Give your email template a Description and choose which Folder you'd like the email template to be saved in.

7. Give your email a Subject. This is the subject line that the recipient of the email will see.

8. Type the body of your Email in the Template section. You can select Client Fields from the drop-down menus which you can copy & paste into your email template. These fields will be automatically populated when sending emails through PracSuite, such as from the Patient File.

9. You can use the menu bar at the top of the template area to also add hyperlinks and images to your email templates.

10. You can also include default attachments to be included when selecting the email template. Click Add to browse for an attachment from your device or drag and drop a file to upload it to PracSuite.

Note: Attachments must not exceed the 20MB email size limit.

11. Click Save.

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