IP Address Barring is a way to restrict where a PracSuite user can log into PracSuite. This is achieved by creating a whitelist of approved public IP addresses that a user is permitted to log in from.

For example, IP Barring can be enabled for admin staff to prevent them from accessing PracSuite unless they are connected to the practice internet/Wi-Fi connection. In this example, you would create an IP Address group in PracSuite that contains the IP addresses of all practice locations.

Note: For IP barring to work as designed, the internet connections you're wanting to whitelist must have a fixed/static public IP address to ensure that the IP addresses do not change. Without a fixed/static IP, your public IP address can change several times a day, requiring you to play a game of cat and mouse to keep the IP Address list up to date in PracSuite. You will need to confirm whether you have a fixed/static IP address with the internet service provider (ISP) for each of your locations.

Follow the instructions below to create a list of approved IP addresses.

1. Go to Settings → Users & Security → IP Addresses

2. Click Add

3. Name the rule, and enter the IP addresses of the locations that access should be allowed from. You will also see your location's current IP displayed here for reference. Select the Copy button to copy your current IP address.

4. Click Save to finalise your changes

5. You can assign an IP Address Group to a user account from Settings > Users & Security. Select and edit the user to assign the IP Barring rule in the security area.

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