Enabling Automatic Email Reminders
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PracSuite allows you to schedule automatic email appointment reminders, with the option to send specific email templates for different Businesses, Professions, Practitioners and Appointment Types. It is also possible to schedule multiple email appointment reminders that go out at different times before an appointment.

2. Select Add Email Reminder.

3. Enter a name for this reminder and choose when you would like the reminder to be sent. We recommend 1, 2 or 3 days before an appointment at a specific time.

Note: PracSuite will continue to send appointment reminders for newly booked appointments after reminders for that day have already been sent. Use the 'Do not send a reminder within' option to limit sending reminders for newly booked appointments.

4. Set the Default Email Reminder Template to be used. Select Add to configure override templates if you wish to send different email templates for appointments with a particular Business, Profession, Practitioner or Appointment Type.

5. Exclusions can also be defined to prevent Email Reminders from sending for specific Businesses, Practitioners, or Appointment Types.

6. Click Save to finalise your changes.

7. After saving your reminder preferences, return to the main reminders page to ensure your preferred reminders are active in the grid.

When you're ready, enable the switch to Automatically Send Email Reminders.

You can repeat the above process to schedule additional appointment reminders to be sent at different times.

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