Family Billing allows you to create a single invoice containing items for multiple family members. For Tyro users, this also allows submitting a health fund claim for all family members at once, as well as being able to take a single payment for all remaining gap amounts.

This article covers:

  1. Creating a Family Account for each Family Member

  2. Enabling & Customising Family Billing Preferences

  3. Family Billing from the Appointment Book

  4. Viewing Previous Family Invoices

  5. Disabling Family Billing

1. Creating a Family Account for each Family Member

The easiest way to setup Family Billing is to create a Family account on every family members patient file. To do this, open the patient file and go to the Accounts tab.

Click Manage Accounts.

Click Add.

Type in a Name for the new account.

Mark the new account as the Default Account if all future invoicing should take place on this account by default.

Click Save.

To ensure smooth family billing from the appointment book, enable the Add to Last Open Invoice setting.

Repeat this process for each family member.

2. Enabling & Customising Family Billing Preferences

Now that every family member has an account to use for family billing purposes, we can continue configuring family billing.

Note: Each patient can only be a member of one family at time, and only one billing account can be nominated as the 'Family Billing' account.

To enable Family Billing, go to the Contacts tab of the patient file and select Edit.

Select Add Family and search for each family member.

After adding all family members, enable the Family Billing switch and choose the account that you wish to use for Family Billing for each patient.

You'll also need to nominate one of the family members as the Primary Biller. Family invoices will be addressed to this individual.

Note: If their are no accounts that can be used for family billing, you will be prompted to create a new account. You can also create a new account from a patient's Account tab as covered above.

3. Family Billing from the Appointment Book

For this example, we're going to bill 3 family members from the appointment book.

Start by confirming that all 3 patient appointments are booked against the family account selected above.

To do this, click on the appointment and select Appointment Details.

The account is displayed in the bottom left corner.

Once confirmed, you can proceed to invoicing the first family member.

Review the items added, but do not proceed to taking payments. Instead, choose the Save option. Do not select any other option at this time.

After saving the first family member's invoice, you can proceed to invoicing the second family member.

Again, review the items billed and then select the Save option again. Do not process any payments at this time.

We're now at the last family member we need to bill. Select the Invoice option.

You should now be seeing all 3 family members items on the single invoice.

From here, you can proceed to processing payments as normal, as well as printing/emailing the receipt.

4. Viewing Previous Family Invoices

The Invoice > Items tab of each family member will show only the items they have been billed.

The Invoice > Family tab will show all invoices for all family members.

Payments can be made for all outstanding items from the Accounts or Invoices tab of any family member's file.

5. Disabling Family Billing

To disable family billing or remove a patient from the Family, go to the Contacts tab of the patient file and select Edit.

You can then unselect the Family Billing option or remove the patient using delete button.

Note: Disabling Family Billing or removing a patient from the Family will not remove any invoices and the Family tab in the patient's Invoice tab will remain.

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