Deleting a payment from the invoice screen

To delete a payment from the invoice screen, hover over the payment row and select the delete icon.

Enter the reason for deleting the payment and select Next.

The final step is to confirm whether you wish to delete the payment entirely, or to make the payment unallocated and add it as an account credit.

To delete the payment entirely, select the Delete Payment option.

To make the payment unallocated, select 'Make Unallocated' in the drop-down list and select Confirm.

Deleting a payment from a patient or payer file

Payments can also be deleted entirely from the patient or payer file.

Go to the Invoices tab of the patient or payer file and select the Payments tab.

Use the checkbox to select the payment you wish to delete and select the Delete button. You will be prompted to enter a reason for deleting the payment.

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