PracSuite includes tools to manage telehealth appointment links for both patients and practitioners. This includes options to manually enter telehealth links per appointment or to set default telehealth links on the practitioner file that will automatically be added when booking telehealth appointments. It's also possible to include telehealth appointment links in SMS & email appointment reminders.

Enabling Telehealth Features on the Practitioner File

In order to store telehealth appointment links, the option must first be enabled on the practitioner files that offer these types of appointments.

Go to Settings > Practitioners > Practitioners, select a Practitioner and scroll to the Telehealth section.

After enabling telehealth features, you have the option to enter default telehealth links for the patient and practitioner.

  • If the telehealth links for either the patient or practitioner change per appointment, leave the respective fields blank.

  • If telehealth links for the practitioner and their patients remain the same for all appointments, enter the links in the fields provided.

Enabling Telehealth Appointment Types

The telehealth link fields are only available on appointment types that have this option enabled.

Go to Settings > Appointment Book > Appointment Types and select the Telehealth appointment type. If you don't have a Telehealth appointment type setup, please follow the guide here on how to create an Appointment Type.

Enable the Telehealth appointment option.

When booking appointments types that are enabled for telehealth, the patient and practitioner link fields will be visible on the Appointment Details page.

The fields will automatically be populated with the default patient or practitioner link, depending on the setting enabled on the practitioner file. You can also manually enter links into these fields.

Telehealth Appointment Menu

Telehealth appointments will display a new Telehealth option in the Appointment Menu.

This will display a popup menu to manage the telehealth links for this appointment, as well as options to SMS & email links to the client and practitioner.

The links can also be copied using the icon on the right as well as opening the link in a new tab for the practitioner link.

SMS & Email Reminders

The following letter tags are available to include in your SMS & Email templates, in particular for appointment reminders.

<<AppointmentTelehealthLink>> - Inserts the patient's telehealth link

<<AppointmentTelehealthLinkPrac>> - Inserts the practitioner's telehealth link

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