The Scheduled Report feature allows a PDF or Excel copy of PracSuite report results to be automatically emailed to chosen recipients on a recurring basis.

Creating Scheduled Reports

Use the Schedule Report button at the top of each report page to create a Scheduled Report.

The following prompt will appear:

  • Enter the email addresses of the recipients of the Scheduled Report

  • Select the Business Header that will be applied to the top of the report

  • Choose whether to turn on password protection for the PDF or Excel. When receiving and opening the scheduled report, the user will need to enter the password

  • Choose whether to send the report as a PDF, Excel spreadsheet or both.

  • Choose how frequently the report should be sent and at what time it should be sent

Select Save to finalise the process.

The Scheduled Report will be sent based on the selected preferences. It's important to note that the report will be limited by the permissions associated with the user who has created the scheduled report.

Managing Scheduled Reports

Go to Reports > Scheduled Reports to view a full list of all active Scheduled Reports. this page can be used to add, edit and delete Scheduled Reports.

Select Add New to create a new Scheduled report from this page.

Use the Edit and Delete buttons to modify existing Scheduled Report preferences.

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