PracSuite security tokens can be used as an alternative to app-based authenticators that require smartphones or computers. These physical security tokens are suited to practice environments where 2FA authenticator apps cannot be installed on users' personal devices, or the use of personal devices is not permitted.

After purchasing PracSuite Security Tokens, you will need to link the token to a PracSuite user account. A PracSuite Security Token can be linked with one or more PracSuite user accounts.

Linking a PracSuite Security Token to a User Account

1. If the user already has 2FA configured on their PracSuite user account, you will need to start with resetting 2FA on their user account.

2. Once 2FA has been reset, the user will need to log out of PracSuite.

3. When the user attempts to log into PracSuite, they will be asked to set up Two-Factor Authentication. Select PracSuite Security Token from the Authentication Method drop-down list.

3. Enter the serial number found on the back of the PracSuite Security Token.

4. Press the PracSuite logo on the token and enter the verification code.

5. Once successfully verified, you will be able to login using the token.

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