When patients book and pay online, an invoice will automatically be created with a partial or full payment depending on your configuration. When looking at the appointment book, appointments with online payments will appear as processed, however, the Appointment Status will not be set to Complete.

Notifications will also be displayed in the Alerts utility if additional action is required to process the online payment.

Alerts for online payments for Guest Bookings

When patients book and pay online as a Guest, you will receive a notification in the Alerts utility displaying both a globe to represent an online booking and a dollar sign to indicate that there is a payment attached.

Select the notification to process the online booking and payment.

Along with the patient's contact information, details regarding the online payment will be displayed. PracSuite will display any possible patient file matches in your database. If you recognise a match select that client to link both the appointment and payment to. If no matches are found, select New Patient to create a patient file.

Alerts for online payments for logged in patients

Alerts will also appear if a patient logs into their online booking account and pays for an appointment. This alert will only appear if no Account on the patient file is selected for online payments.

After selecting the alert, you will see the patient's details as well as a summary of the payment that has been received. Use the dropdown to select which Account to associate the payment with.

Select Confirm to complete the process.

The account to use for online payments can also be set using the Manage Accounts prompt at the top of the Accounts tab on the Patient File.

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