Appointment Confirmations can be used to send patients an email or SMS at the time their appointment is made in PracSuite. SMS and email templates for Appointment Confirmations can be configured per business, profession and appointment type.

To configure Appointment Confirmations, go to Settings > Appointment Book > Confirmations.

Select either SMS or Email confirmations.

Select the toggle to enable Appointment Confirmations. You can also disable confirmations if an appointment is booked on e.g. the same day as the appointment.

Select your Default Confirmation Template. Use the Add button to override the template that should be used for confirmations per Business, Profession, Practitioner or Appointment Type.

If required, you can also prevent/exclude Appointment Confirmations from being sent for particular Businesses, Practitioners and Appointment Types.

Select Save to confirm your changes.

Appointment confirmations will be sent to patients accordingly to the Confirmations preferences set on their patient file.

When booking or rescheduling appointments, confirmation email or SMS messages will be sent according to your preferences. Appointment confirmations are not currently supported for booking appointment schedules.

When booking new appointments in particular, use the drop-down arrow to book the appointment without sending a confirmation SMS or email.

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