The PracSuite NDIS integration is designed for practices consulting and treating agency managed patients and provides tools to create the Bulk Payment Export CSV file that can be uploaded directly to the NDIA myplace provider portal for payment. More information on this process is available via the NDIS website.

The integration allows you to:

  • Record your business' NDIS registration number

  • Add NDIS participant numbers to patient files

  • Enable NDIS claiming options on item codes

  • Select claim type when adding NDIS items to invoices

  • Use the NDIS Bulk Export report to create bulk payment CSV exports that can be uploaded directly to the NDIA myplace provider portal

  • Once payment has been made to you by the NDIA, you can pay off the items included on exports in bulk

Click below to watch our information webinar regarding NDIS features in PracSuite:

To enable the integration, go to Settings > Integrations > NDIS

Note: We highly recommended restricting the NDIS integration to Fee Categories used for agency managed patients only. Without restricting the integration to select Fee Categories, self-managed and third-party plan managed patients may appear in the bulk export.

After enabling the NDIS integration, you will be able to add your NDIS Registration Number to your Businesses.

NDIS Participant Numbers can also be recorded in the Additional section on patient files.

More information about using this integration can be found in the articles below:

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