Item Codes can be setup to represent either services you provide or stock/products you sell. The following guide details how to create an item code for a product or stock, rather than a service.

To begin, create a regular item code following this guide. To configure the item code for stock, please see below:

Navigate to Settings > Billing > Item Codes:

Click Add to create a new item code or Edit an existing item code by selecting it from the grid.

To enable the Item Code as stock, enable the option 'This is a stock item'.

Click Add Supplier to enter in your supplier of the stock item.

Select the appropriate Supplier from the drop down list.

If required a new Supplier can be created by following this guide.

Enter the Supplier Code.
This is the item code you use to order this product from your supplier.

Enter the Order Quantity.
This is the typical quantity you receive with each order.

Enter the Unit Cost.
This is the wholesale cost to you for each unit.

Under the Availability section, select which businesses are stocking this item.

Enter the Minimum Level you would like to hold at each location, before you need to re-order from the supplier. Select a Default Supplier for each business.

Click the Adjust Levels button to perform an initial stocktake or enter a stock adjustment. A stocktake must be performed at least once to set the initial stock levels, which will decrease with each sale and increase with each stock arrival.

You will be prompted to save the item code before you can use the Adjust Levels feature.

The Stock Adjustments page will appear.

This same page is used for several purposes:

  • Stock Adjustments: Increasing or decreasing the stock without requiring a sale or arrival (e.g. stock was broken or expired).

  • Stock Arrival: Stock that was previously ordered has now arrived, and new stock needs to be added to the available counts.

  • Stocktake: A counting of stock to determine the current available level.

In this case we are completing a Stocktake to set the initial level available. Enter the Date and Time for the stocktake and confirm Stocktake is selected.

Finally, click Add in the grid below and select the item(s) you are performing a stocktake against. This can be one or more items.

Enter the New Level, which will become the current stock level for the selected items upon clicking Save.

Click Save.

Success! You have now created and configured a stock item.

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