Item Codes represent billable services and stock/products and are added to invoices. To create Item Codes, follow the instructions below:

1. Go to Settings > Billing > Item Codes

2. Click Add to create a new Item Code

3. Setup the details of the Item Code, including:

  • Item Code - A unique identifier for this Item Code (7 characters max)

  • Description - A description for the item that is printed on receipts, invoices and statements

  • Schedule - Assigns the Item Code to a Schedule

  • Include GST - Includes GST when adding the item to an invoice

  • Print Code As - This overrides the Item Code when printed on receipts, invoices and statements

  • Barcode - allows searching by barcode number on the invoice screen

  • Claiming Options - Enables claiming functions via Medipass and Tyro integration

    • Override Code - Overrides the Item Code when claiming via Medipass and Tyro

4. Specify the Fees for the Item Code when billed to a patient of a given Fee Category. You can also click the Apply to All button to copy the same fee to all other fee categories in this item code.

5. You can also Add Fee Overrides to setup different fees for individual practitioners

6. Click Save to finalise your changes

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