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Managing NDIS Item Codes
Managing NDIS Item Codes
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After enabling the NDIS integration, it is essential to configure any NDIS item codes so that they appear correctly in the bulk export that will be uploaded to the agency website.

Enabling the NDIS Claim Option on Item Codes

The claiming option for NDIS only needs to be enabled if you're using the NDIS integration designed for agency-managed patients only. If you're not an agency-registered provider, you do not need to enable the claim option at this time.

Due to the length of NDIS item codes, you will need to choose a shorter code (with a maximum of 7 characters) to place in the Item Code field. The full code will need to be placed in the description field along with the full description.

You can also choose how the item code will be exported in the bulk upload CSV. PracSuite can either convert the item code quantity to hours, or output the exact quantity.

An example of how this appears in the export is shown below:

Item quantities can be set on the invoice screen.

We recommend billing in 15-minute increments to avoid rounding issues with common NDIS item codes when billing for e.g. 10-minute increments. These rounding issues can lead to getting underpaid or claims being rejected.



15 minutes


30 minutes


45 minutes


60 minutes


Adding NDIS Item Codes to Invoices

When adding Item Codes with the NDIS claim option enabled to an invoice, you will be able to manage Claim Types. The following prompt will appear automatically after adding NDIS items to an invoice:

Standard Service Charges is selected as the default Claim Type.

To modify the Claim Type of an existing NDIS Item Code, select the Item Code drop-down menu and then select the NDIS button.

More information about creating and paying off NDIS exports can be found in the articles below:

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