After enabling the NDIS integration, it is essential to correctly configure any NDIS item codes so that they appear in the bulk export.

Enabling the NDIS Claim Option on Item Codes

Go to Settings > Billing > Item Codes.

Find and select the Item Code you want to enable NDIS on, the following will appear.

NDIS item codes must have the NDIS claim option enabled and the Override Code field must list the NDIS item code that should be exported. You can also choose whether the item is for time billed services (hourly) or for stock/products (quantity).

Adding NDIS Item Codes to Invoices

When adding Item Codes with the NDIS claim option enabled to an invoice, you will be able to manage Claim Types. The following prompt will appear automatically after adding NDIS items to an invoice:

Standard Service Charges is selected as the default Claim Type.

To modify the Claim Type of an existing NDIS Item Code, select the Item Code drop-down menu and then select the NDIS button.

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