Mailchimp is an online email marketing solution that allows you to manage email campaigns for your patients. This integration includes the option to automatically sync your patient list to Mailchimp, as well as tools to sync specific patients that appear in PracSuite report results.

Mailchimp is a US-based email and marketing platform outside of Australia and the EU. As part of the Mailchimp integration, patient-specific data will be transferred to Mailchimp servers overseas. A patient's email address is the only required field to sync, with title, first name, middle name, preferred name, last name, address, mobile number, date of birth as optional fields that can be synchronised.

Users should familiarise themselves with the Mailchimp Global Privacy Statement, Standard Terms of Use, Additional Terms, and Data Processing Addendum.

To use the Mailchimp integration, you will need:

Connecting PracSuite to Your Mailchimp Account

Go to Settings > Integrations > Mailchimp to enable the integration and select Connect Mailchimp.

Select Continue to be directed to the Mailchimp website.

After logging into your Mailchimp account, select Allow to authorise PracSuite to access your Mailchimp account.

After successfully connecting your Mailchimp account with PracSuite, ensure that you have selected the appropriate Primary Audience to sync your patient list to.

We highly recommend excluding archived patients from the Mailchimp sync, which will be enabled by default. Often, archived patients include deceased patients and, understandably, it wouldn't be appropriate to include these patients in marketing correspondence.

Patients with an email marketing status of Opt Out or Soft Opt Out will not be synced to Mailchimp.

Select Sync Now to start syncing with Mailchimp.

Select Automatically Sync with Mailchimp to continue syncing your patient list automatically. Automatic syncs occur between 1AM and 5AM ACST.

Synching Additional Patient Fields

Mailchimp only requires that an email address is synced at a minimum. You also have the choice of syncing additional patient data, though we strongly advise caution with enabling these features as you will be increasing the volume of patient data stored with overseas third parties.

When choosing to sync additional patient fields, you'll need to map them to corresponding fields in your Mailchimp account using the drop-down menu.

Resolving Duplicate Emails

If patients in your system share an email address, only one patient with that email can be synced with Mailchimp. In the Duplicate Email Addresses section, you will need to resolve these duplicates by choosing which patient to sync, or choosing not to sync that email address at all.

Use the Update All To Most Recent button to automatically select the most recently active patient across all duplicates in the list.

Select Process to finalise the duplicate resolution process.

Mailchimp Tag Syncing

Along with syncing your entire patient list to Mailchimp, reports in PracSuite allow you to apply tags to your contacts in Mailchimp. Automatic Tag Syncing also allows you to leverage PracSuite's Saved Report Filters to automatically tag a patient's corresponding Mailchimp contact based on whether they appear in the report results.

By tagging contacts in Mailchimp, you can take advantage of Mailchimp automation features, which are ideal for automatically sending email correspondence to patients in the following scenarios:

  • Following up missed and cancelled appointments where a patient has no future appointments scheduled

  • Daily/Monthly/Weekly Birthday Emails

  • New Patient Welcome Emails

  • Sending Recall Notices

  • Appointment Reviews/Surveys

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