Automatic Tag Syncing allows you to leverage PracSuite's Saved Report Filters to automatically tag a patient's corresponding Mailchimp contact based on whether they appear in the report results. By tagging contacts in Mailchimp, you can take advantage of Mailchimp automation features, which are ideal for automatically sending email correspondence to patients in the following scenarios:

  • Following up missed and cancelled appointments where a patient has no future appointments scheduled

  • Daily/Monthly/Weekly Birthday Emails

  • New Patient Welcome Emails

  • Sending Recall Notices

  • Appointment Reviews/Surveys

Go to Settings > Integrations > Mailchimp and scroll to the Mailchimp Tag Synchronising section.

Select Add to create an automatic tag sync.

You will need to select the:

  • Report - Select the report you wish to use for the auto tag sync

  • Saved Filters - Select your saved report filters for the selected report

  • Mailchimp Tag - Select the tag you wish to apply to these contacts in Mailchimp

  • Sync Type

Add - Applies the tag to the selected contacts in Mailchimp. Any existing contacts in Mailchimp with this tag will retain the tag.

Replace - The tag will be removed from contacts in Mailchimp that currenly have the tag and the tag will be added only to the contacts appearing in the report results

  • Sync Frequency - When should the auto tag sync run e.g. Daily/Weekly/Monthly

Note: Automatic Mailchimp Tag Syncing occurs automatically per the chosen sync frequency between 1AM - 5AM ACST. Please ensure that you consider this timeframe when configuring Mailchimp automations.

Select Save to finalise your settings.

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