Clinical Note Memos
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Clinical Note Memos are designed for non-practitioner users to add notes into a patient's Clinical Notes timeline. Clinical Note Memos are recorded as written by the User, not the Practitioner. To maintain the security of clinical notes, it is possible to provide non-practitioner users with the ability to add Memos without viewing a patient's clinical notes.

Creating a Clinical Note Memo

To create a Memo, select the Memo button at the top of the client's Clinical Notes tab.

The Memo screen will appear. Type in your Memo and format it as required.

You can also change the Access to make the Memo only show to certain Businesses, Professions, Practitioners or Users using the Memo Access button, add Attachments or Tags. Once you are done select Save.

The Memo will now be in the Clinical Notes timeline for anyone who has access to it. Memos have a distinct appearance indicated by the green header bar.

Hovering over a Memo shows buttons to allow you to Edit, Pin, Print or Delete the Memo.

💡 Please note that edits to Memos are not stored as revisions.

Clinical Note Memo Security Permissions

To allow a user to be able to see and/or edit Clinical Notes Memos their Role needs to have the required access level.

The Clinical Memo security setting can be found under Clinical Notes and can be set to No access, read-only or full (create/edit) access.

Using the Memo Access button while editing a Memo will allow you to decide who can see this particular Memo. You can limit it to Businesses, Professions, Practitioners or Users.

💡 Please note that the Memo creator will always be able to see their Memo, therefore you do not need to factor in yourself when customising Access.

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