Using the Find Times button at the top of the appointment book, you can quickly see availability without needing to scan the diary.

Select Find Times and then choose an appointment type to help determine the duration required for the appointment.

💡 The Find Times feature will look for appointments in available time as determined by the practitioner's Roster, specifically times that are available or the Waiting List as highlighted below:

PracSuite will automatically search for availability based on your appointment book filters including which Businesses, Professions and Practitioners you were looking at when you selected Find Times.

If you see a spot you want to book, select it, otherwise use the filters on the left to be more specific including the Quick Availability to show/hide certain days. Once you have changed the filters, select Search to find more times.

Selecting an available time takes you to that spot on the appointment book and brings out the new appointment pane allowing you to search for a patient, create a new patient, group appointment, note or rule out.

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