Rosters and Roster Overrides are used to define practitioner availability.


Go to Settings > Practitioners > Rosters and select 'Add' to add a new Roster

Use the drop-down arrow to pre-set the hours on the Roster based on a particular business.

In the Roster Availability section, customise how available time on the appointment book should be displayed.

  • Description - helps you identify this roster

  • Background colour - the colour that will be shown on the appointment book

  • Text colour - the colour of any display text entered

  • Display text (optional) - this text is displayed in each available appointment cell

Select which days to open on the appointment book

Choose what types of activity you wish to permit in the available time.

  • Manual Appointments - allows PracSuite users to book appointments in this time frame

  • Waiting List - allows the Waiting List and Appointment Finder to book in this time frame

  • Online Appointments - allows Online Bookings in this time frame

As you scroll down the page, you can now customise the start and end time for the appointment book for each day that you enabled above.


Create Rules for each day to rule out time for things such as lunch breaks and staff meetings.

Customise the Display Text if you wish to display information on the appointment book, as shown in the example below:

If the same Rule applies to multiple days, use the Copy button to add it to other days.

If all Rules added to a particular day also apply to other days, use the Copy All Rules button.

Roster Overrides

Overrides can be applied for once-off or repeating roster adjustments, such as alternating fortnightly or monthly schedules. They can be used to temporarily ruling out Fridays for the next few weeks, or working offsite on the first Friday of each month as shown in the example below.

To configure your Roster Overrides, be sure to select:

  • Repeat frequency

  • Start and End dates (optional)

  • Display text

  • Start and End Time

  • Appointment Types

  • Background and Text colours

  • What column the overrides affect (for multicolumn practitioners)

Note that roster overrides are ranked, which will determine which override takes precedence in the case of an overlap. Overrides ranked higher in the list will take precedence.

Assigning a Roster to a Practitioner

The final step is to assign the roster to one or more practitioners. Click here to learn how to assign rosters.

Days Off

Click here to learn how to record extended periods of unavailability, such as annual leave and public holidays.

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