Online bookings for individual and group appointments are available to all PracSuite users at no additional cost. PracSuite also offers both a guest booking path (patients do not require a login) as well as a client login portal, which allows patients to check upcoming appointment times, as well as options to cancel and reschedule their appointments.

Click through the articles below to learn how to set up and customise the online booking experience for your patients.

  1. Online Booking General Settings

  2. Online Booking Locations

  3. Online Booking Services

  4. Managing Online Booking for Group Appointments

  5. Enabling Online Booking for Practitioners

  6. Enabling the Client Login Portal

  7. Specifying Available Time for Online Bookings

  8. Processing Online Bookings

  9. Enabling Online Payments

  10. How to Add Online Bookings to Your Website

  11. How to Report on the Number of Online Bookings

Please don't hesitate to contact Smartsoft if you require further assistance.

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