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Troubleshooting Appointment Merge Fields
Troubleshooting Appointment Merge Fields
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If you're reading this article, you have probably received the following prompt when composing an SMS or email in PracSuite:

When this prompt is displayed, appointment details will not be correctly inserted in your message. Read below for tips on how to resolve this.

As indicated by the prompt, the merge fields that you've included in your message are not compatible when sending your message manually. Generally, this prompt means that you're including merge fields that are designed for automatic appointment confirmations and reminders in an ad-hoc message.

Merge fields that are only suitable for automatic confirmations and reminders include:

Appointment Time


Appointment Date


Appointment Practitioner Full Name


Appointment Practitioner Title


Appointment Practitioner First Name


Appointment Practitioner Surname


Appointment Business Display Name


Appointment Business Address Line 1


Appointment Business Address Line 2


Appointment Business Address Line 3


Appointment Business Address Line 4


Appointment Business Suburb


Appointment Business State


Appointment Business Postcode


Appointment Business Country


Appointment Business Phone


Appointment Business Fax


Appointment Business Email


Appointment Business Website


Appointment Profession


Sending a manual reminder from the appointment book

If you need to send a manual appointment reminder, you can use templates that include the tags listed above only when sending a message directly from an appointment.

Find the patient's appointment on the appointment book and select Appointment Details.

Use the Send SMS button in the bottom right to send a manual reminder.

Sending a manual appointment reminder in any other way will lead to missing appointment information.

Sending bulk messages via reports

If you need to manually send bulk appointment reminders from a report, you cannot include the merge fields listed above. You must use the following merge fields, which are suitable for sending ad-hoc messages:

Next Appointment 1 Date


Next Appointment 1 Time


Next Appointment 1 Business


Next Appointment 1 Practitioner


Next Appointment 1 Practitioner Email


Next Appointment 1 Practitioner Title


Next Appointment 1 Practitioner Surname


Next Appointment 1 Practitioner First Name


Next Appointment 1 Practitioner Provider Number


Next Appointment 1 Practitioner Professional Title


Next Appointment 2 Date


Next Appointment 2 Time


Next Appointment 2 Practitioner


Next Appointment 2 Business


Next Appointment 3 Date


Next Appointment 3 Time


Next Appointment 3 Practitioner


Next Appointment 3 Business


Previous Appointment 1 Date


Previous Appointment 1 Time


Previous Appointment 1 Business


Previous Appointment 1 Practitioner


Previous Appointment 1 Practitioner Email


Previous Appointment 1 Practitioner Title


Previous Appointment 1 Practitioner Surname


Previous Appointment 1 Practitioner First Name


Previous Appointment 1 Practitioner Provider Number


Previous Appointment 1 Practitioner Professional Title


Previous Appointment 2 Date


Previous Appointment 2 Time


Previous Appointment 2 Practitioner


Previous Appointment 2 Business


Previous Appointment 3 Date


Previous Appointment 3 Time


Previous Appointment 3 Practitioner


Previous Appointment 3 Business


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